My daddy human has agreed to allow me to link to his Facebook page.  It includes an album full of mobile uploads of yours truly.


I know what you’re thinking.  Yes, he and my mommy human are now fully aware that I have my own blog.  I was afraid they might be upset.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  They were so proud.


I’m gonna be so excited tonight I’m sure I’ll hardly be able to sleep.  Who knows.  Maybe I’ll even get my own computer.


Oops.  Almost forgot the link.

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

It’s been nearly 3 months since I’ve been able to sneak onto my daddy human’s computer and blog.  It actually took him and my mommy human going out of town for it to finally happen.


A good neighbor is a beautiful thing.  I’m staying with our friends the Leavitt’s this week.  My favorite part is to be able to hang out with my favorite Dachshund, Keely (okay, so Sophia and Emme are cool too – for humans).  She eats my food, I eat hers.  She chases me, I chase her.  She growls, I growl.  We’re like two peas in a pod.


Keely’s mommy human, Julie, is a budding photographer.  She especially likes to take pictures of me.  I’ve managed to pull a few of them together while she’s not looking.  Feel free to tell her how good they are.



One of us is having fun. Guess which one.


You say "sit."  I sit.

You say "sit." I sit.



Fit and trim.

Saw this image when reading Seth Godin’s latest blog post this morning.  Creeped me OUT!  It looks like a picture of me superimposed with Borat!

Give That Dog A Bone!

When it comes to pictures of dogs, I’m generally not easily amused.  This one though put a smile on my face the moment I saw it.  I don’t know this precious pup (or his friend in the background), but I’d sure like to.  Reminds me of myself a little bit.


The caption is mine.  But what does the photo say to you?  Leave your caption in the comments section.


Gimme the treat already, will ya?

When it comes to Dachshunds, what we lack in height we make up for in length.  Unfortunately, I’ve yet to determine what advantages there may be, if any, to my long but short frame.


Certainly, one of the disadvantages is the inability to see over and around tall obstructions.  Take our lawn for example.  My man human is charged with keeping it freshly mowed (something he despises I might add).  Let’s just say it’s closing in on two weeks since he last got on his John Deere – or as I like to call it – the Mean Green Dachshund-Eating Machine!


I can’t stand it when he gets that thing out.  My mom human can stand at the door forever asking me if I want to go “potty,” but if I’m in ear shot of that monster, I ain’t budging.  On the other hand, one thing I hate just about as much is trotting outside unable to squat and do my thing without a dozen blades of grass trying to “tickle the ivories” if you know what I’m saying.


My daddy human has a friend I’ll call “Andy” (cause that’s what they call him).  He talks about how much he enjoys mowing his lawn and how he loves the alone time and the ability to just clear his head.  Not my dad.  He says the only things he thinks about is how he’s not if front of his TV screen or his computer monitor.  (He’s been on the computer a lot lately and staying up later than usual too.  It’s been two weeks since he’s gone to bed before me.  That makes it really hard for me to sneak into his office and update my blog.  Hey, I’m just saying!)


Ultimately, I don’t have an answer.  I know I can’t have it both ways.  On the one hand, I don’t miss the “Machine,” but on the other, this tall stuff has got to go!  I heard him say gas is so high there’s barely enough for the cars.  I wouldn’t necessarily be a big fan of adding additional pets to the family anytime soon, but maybe they need to look into getting some goats.  Don’t laugh.  I’m flexible.


Happy and our friends over at Serendipity Park came across a list I found intriguing.  I must say though it’s one I’m sure glad my humans didn’t see before adopting me.  They might have changed their minds.


10. A large-breed puppy is fully capable of eating your brand new, hideously expensive, as-yet-uninsured digital camera.

9. By the time your puppy is a year old, you’ll be on a first-name basis with all of the vets and staff at the local animal hospital.

8. You don’t have to worry about the sock your puppy ate because it’ll come out all right in the end.

7. A small-breed puppy is perfectly capable of getting up on top of your fridge if he really wants to.

6. It is no longer safe to have an elegant and attractive arrangement of candles on your coffee table.

5. You follow safe food-handling practices and thaw meat in the refrigerator because you no longer have a choice.

4. Even the smallest puppy with gas can clear a room.

3. When your puppy reaches the age of six months, you will no longer be physically capable of wearing him out.

2. While you’re teaching your puppy basic obedience commands such as “Sit” and “Stay”, she is quietly reorganizing and running your entire household.

And the most important thing no one told you about your first puppy…

1. No one sleeps until the puppy sleeps.


As Happy asks at the end of her post, which ones can you relate to?

Dogs I\'d invite if I actually had a birthday party.

This past Thursday, I turned two (I guess that actually means 14).  But for the second year in a row, my mom human wasn’t here to celebrate with me.  Don’t get me wrong, my dad human is pretty awesome, but there’s something about my mom human that makes me miss her terribly when she’s gone (it may be the hugs and kisses she’s so generous with). 


She and her sister, along with nephew Luke, are in a place called “Holiday World” in Santa Claus, Indiana.  There’s a big water park plus a bunch of rides and stuff.  According to mom, it’s the best place on earth.  I guess they don’t allow dogs though.  Surely she would’ve included me otherwise.  Apparently, they don’t allow dads either.  He’s here while she’s gone, and, she went without him last year too (I suspect he’s not a big water fan though). 


Needless to say, it wasn’t what you’d call a “happy” birthday.  No fanfare, no presents, no surprises and, of course, no mom.  But at least I got to hang out with Keely (my girlfriend) on my birthday.  That was the lone highlight of the day, although her human sister Sophie just about drives me crazy sometimes (mom says I deserve it for the way I harrass Keely). 


I’m sure mom loves me and misses me as badly as I miss her, I just hope she’s not away for all of my birthdays.  Unfortunately, we dogs don’t get as many of those as you humans do.  😦