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Oh my goodness!  I think I’ve died and gone to doggy heaven. 


You might think that, to a puppy, the only thing a newspaper has going for it is the opportunity to go on it.  Au contraire mon frere.  On occasion, I actually find the time to read an article or two while shaking the dew off the lily. 


Monday, one of my humans left a section on the floor.  But before I could assume the position, I looked down to discover the delectable delights known as Rudy Green’s Doggy Cuisine.  It’s a line of frozen entrees for dogs – sort of like a TV dinner for your Dachshund, or other less-desirable breed (kidding).   


Karla Haas (of German Shepherd ancestry I presume) is the genius behind this “People food for dogs.”  She says it’s basically the same food humans eat, but without all the salt, pepper, onions or anything else that might induce the “technicolor yawn.” 


Gute Arbeit leisten Fraulein Haas!

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Sushi For Dogs

Can you believe it?  One of your humans’ favorite treats could soon end up in your food bowl!  Sushi has gone to the dogs according to the Dallas Morning News.  My humans love sushi, although I’ve never tried it.


This brings up a good question.  When is okay to eat off your humans’ plates?  It’s important not to simply lap up any and every human food they put in front of you.  Without thinking, they could very well be offering you something that’s not good for you or something that could even harm you.  It’s never happened to me, but I’ve heard stories.


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